Cross-Cutting Approaches


Rethink the structures, programs, and processes affecting multiple entities to continually take advantage of new thinking and learnings that meaningfully improve our child protection system.


Broad Partnerships: Address priority issues facing children and families by establishing partnerships across multiple sectors that offer fresh perspectives and solutions.

Eliminating Barriers: Break down barriers that affect line staff’s ability to deliver optimal services.

Innovation: Research cutting-edge, proven practices in child welfare, both nationally and internationally, and determine which could be successfully implemented in or adapted for Los Angeles County.

Resource Acquisition: Secure the needed resources to successfully implement the OCP's Strategic Plan.

Cross-Training: Promote cross-training efforts across organizations, disciplines, and sectors that affect the welfare of children.

Continuous Evaluation: Regularly track and monitor child protection outcomes and use the results to drive County policy and practice change.

Work To Date

  • Submitted Delinquency Prevention Recommendations for dual-status youth developed by an interdisciplinary workgroup meeting over the course of two years.
  • Established a collaborative workgroup to develop a plan for preventing youth from crossing over from the dependency to delinquency system, and ensuring that those who do have the resources they need (see OCP Response to Dual-Status Youth Motion 09-11-2018)
  • Working with multiple County departments and other partners to identify standardized measures of child protection, starting with the area of prevention that will be shared on the County’s Open Data Portal
  • Working with public and private partners to ensure that resources are available to implement the OCP Strategic Plan
  • Working with partners to identify innovative practices and pilot test promising ideas across all four goal areas, as highlighted in the areas above
  • Established the Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships